v1.3.0 (24 Feb 2022)

  • Added: Ordering API added for generating order forms, so that the client frontend can be integrated with other, non WordPress, development environments.

v1.2.2 (24 Jan 2022)

  • Added: Use ‘{%YEAR%}’ in email templates

v1.2.1 (17 Nov 2021)

  • Fixed: Authorization bug

v1.2 (26 Okt 2021)

  • New: For sport events -> It is possible to give users the option of sharing their track in real time with family and friends as they travel it. This feature requires FE Tracking (v1.3 or higher)

v1.1 (29 Sep 2021)

  • New: {%DEEPLINK%} parameter in emails or [fe-ticket downloadtext"Download in App"] shortcode in orderpage -> Adds a link so a ticket can be directly imported into the FE Tracking App (v1.2 or higher) without having to download or scan it first.

v1.0 (1 Sep 2021)

  • First release