Fast Events Ticketing



  • Fully responsive FE Admin App for Android, IOS and Web

  • Authorize parts of the plugin’s functionality to other users

  • Event types (single, single selection from many, multiple selection and passe-partout)

  • Volume pricing per ticket type

  • Add personalisation fields to tickets

  • Flexible coupons

  • Native interfaces for many email-providers (PostMark, Mailgun, Amazon, Sendgrid, …)


  • Webhooks

  • SaaS mode

  • Actions & filters for custom extensions

  • Flexible stock control

  • Design your own PDF e-tickets and invoices

  • Design email confirmations

  • Define input fields for tickets

  • Export orders, tickets and scans for offline data analysis (Eg. Excel)

  • Flexible realtime scanning at multiple levels

  • Sell to closed user groups

  • Integrated with Mollie as payment provider, providing a variety of payment methods

  • Define your own statuses for orders

  • And much more …


If online payments are used, the plugin currently only works for companies, associations, foundations … based in a SEPA country. There is no regional restriction for free tickets or RSVP meetings.

Getting started

A global overview of the features that Fast Events supports and how to install and configure the plugin.


How to use the different part in Fast Events.


An Admin App(Android, IOS and Web) is available to manage all components of the Fast Events plugin. Multiple (sub)accounts can be created in the Admin App and authorisations can be limited to certain events and functionality.

With Fast Events you can use our free scanning app for Android and IOS. No need for expensive scanning equipment, just use your phone.

Use the FE Tracking App especially for sporting events to enable participants to signal checkpoints on the route in the App and upload the time when they are passed to the event organiser’s server. Enjoy real-time route updates and news from the organisation about the event.

Advanced features

Fast Events provides you with a Public API and Webhooks to deliver different events, making it easy to integrate with external systems.

For developers, Fast Events also offers a range of actions and filters.

Most things work better when they’re maintained. We have compiled a number of recommendations in the areas of security, performance and data analysis tools. This list is by no means exhaustive, but we urge you to keep an eye on security and performance to keep your software running safely and performantly.


Developing, improving and maintaining an plugin like Fast Events takes and mobile apps for Android and IOS takes a lot of time. Please consider sponsoring the development of this plugin or a one-off donation if you have successfully executed an event.