Is there a premium version of the plugin?

Noop, this is it and it’s all for free. If you like this plugin, or it is useful to you in some way, please consider a donation and give it a review on WordPress.org.

Is Fast Events integrated with an accounting package?

No. But it’s quite easy to implement with the fast_events_new_order action. Here is an example.

How do I remove the order-id in the qrcode block?

Use the fast_events_ticket_text filter which can change/remove any line in the info-block. Here is an example.

Downloading tickets fails

Take a look in the errorlog. The PDF template used may not be present. For example, you will see the following message in the errorlog.

1 2020-03-13 17:26:53 Cannot find PDF template id 60
2 -------------------------

I get “Invalid address (setFrom)”

First of all check your settings if your emailaddress is valid. If it is valid and you are still getting this error, most likely your PHP version is the culprit. You can check this by executing the following piece of code on your hosting platform

1 <?php
2 echo "PHP version: " . phpversion() . "\n";
3 echo "PCRE version: " . PCRE_VERSION . "\n";

If the PCRE version is lower than 10.32 2018-09-10 1, you have to go back to your hosting provider and ask for an updated version of PHP which includes PCRE 10.32 or higher.