Data analysis

We don’t have nice dashboards with all kinds of graphs and diagrams, because there are numerous online tools available that do exactly that.

Whats is available

The Events menu shows you the actual sold tickets. In the Orders menu you can view information on how many tickets types have been sold and how many tickets have been scanned, but we also offer you a fast download of the order data in csv-format.

Within a split second it downloads tens of thousands of orders. Pull it into you favorite spreadsheet tool (Excel, LibreOffice, …) and create your own pivot-table and associated graphs. Your own fantasy is the only limitation of creating fancy charts.


But there are also some nice online pivot tools available. We recommend to take a look at Seektable.

Not for the faint of heart is using the fast_events_new_order hook and feed the new order data into Google Analytics. You get real-time access to a flood of data about your sales activity in reports and graphs. Install Google Analytics on your mobile and you will always have the data available at your fingertips. Look here for an example.