Public API

API v2

The Fast Events public API uses REST and JSON is returned by all API responses including errors and HTTP response status codes are to designate success and failure.

Requests to the Fast Events public API is for private information and all endpoints require authentication.


Some endpoints require an API key in a HTTP header but most use WordPress application passwords in the Authorization HTTP header and use the API key. Use the Accounts tool in the Tools section of the Web interface or FE Admin App for management of the API key and application password of the accounts. You can also limit functionality and limit the number of visible events in the Accounts tool.

In all api descriptions we provide examples in php and python how to supply these HTTP headers. But if you use another environment, make sure you include these headers:

Content-Type: application/json
Authorization: Basic Base64Encode USERNAME:APPLICATION_PASSWORD

A real live example:

Content-Type: application/json
X-FE-API-KEY: rtQOChtCjj2Nmbei
Authorization: Basic ZHdhcnNncmFjaHQ6djBkRSBkYXlaIGVPV0wgQzhKUyBhVWtSIEIyZ3g=


You can browse the schemas by accessing every endpoint with an http OPTIONS request. Use Postman to look at the individual fields of an endpoint and its format. Use it also for testing. For example: if your WordPress hosting environment is located at, the REST URL for a new scan request will be


Default values in the schemas are only applicable if a new object is created and if not all fields are provided in the REST request.