Feature introduction


Any event type


Use Fast Events for any type of event (sport events, festivals, congresses, concerts, seminars, your local party, …)

From selling 1 type of ticket with a single entrance scan to an event with multiple tickets, multiple entrances and multiple scans.

Ideal for sporting events with multiple scan checkpoints along the route and a final check to ensure all checkpoints have been scanned.

Take a look at the examples to get an idea.

Ticket personalisation


A unique ticket personalisation module to personalise tickets, share tickets, display order information and generate invoices if required.

Define order or ticket level input fields and assign them to ticket types. Optionally, you can add volume prices.

Embed the ticket personalisation module into a page using a WordPress shortcode.



Use the FE Tracking App especially for sporting events to allow participants to signal checkpoints on the route in the App and upload the time at which they pass them to the event organiser’s server.

Realtime tracking display additional points of interest and descriptions on the map, as defined by the event organiser. Examples include First aid stations along the route, catering facilities along the route, checkpoints along the route, …

PDF e-tickets


Simply define your own e-tickets in your favourite word processor (Word, LibreOffice, …) Upload the PDF file to WordPress via the plugin’s admin interface and tell Fast Events where to print the QR code block.

Use the default layout or specify a custom layout with personalisation fields or order information.

That’s easy isn’t?

Real-time scanning


No need for expensive scanning equipment. Just use our free Android and IOS app to scan the tickets in real-time at the entrance.

No limit on the number of scan applications running simultaneously.

Staged scans and exit scans are possible and error messages can be tailored to your own event.

How about, sending a “Thank you for visiting our event” email after a (exit) scan. Have a look at this example.

Payouts next day


Fast Events works with the Dutch payment provider Mollie. No recurring fees, you just pay for successful transactions. Competitive rates: e.g. iDEAL is only € 0,29 (excl. VAT) per transaction. All major payment methods supported. No fees per ticket.

Apply for your free account.


Admin App


Would you like to view events and orders on your mobile / tablet / desktop? Use the FE Admin App.

Resend, refund, delete, re-create tickets or even create orders.

Quickly assist users configuring the FE Scanner App.

Or view statistics on tickets sold and tickets scanned. Basically, you maintain the entire plugin from your mobile, tablet or browser.

The system has a comprehensive permissions system where users can have restrictions on functionality and events that can be modified.

Seating plans


Create your own seating plans for events that require them.

Fill seats in the order you define.

SaaS mode


Host multiple organisations on your platform each with their own events. They can use your ticketing platform as sub-merchants.

Add (sub)accounts in the FE Admin App and assign selected events to users and where necessary restrict functionality.

Use flexible application fees, which will automatically be transferred to you by Mollie.



Fast Events offers a public REST API. This allows Fast Events data to be created, read, updated, and deleted using requests in JSON format and using WordPress REST API application passwords to grant access.

But you could also create you own scan app by using the scan endpoint

Fine grained access control is possible for individual endpoints by using the Accounts tool of the FE Admin App



Fast Events offers Webhooks to sent notifications to a URL of your choice.

You can configure it on a per-event basis and choose what type of notifications you allow to be sent.

Webhooks make it easy for third-party applications to integrate with Fast Events.

Action & filters


Do you want to extend the functionality of Fast Events?

We have a number of filters and actions that allow you to do just that.

Have a look at our examples.


  • Modern bootstrap based settings interface

  • Fully responsive FE Admin App for Android, IOS and Web

  • Event types (single, single selection from many, multiple selection and passe-partout)

  • Native interfaces for many email-providers (PostMark, Mailgun, Amazon, Sendgrid, …)

  • Optional reCAPTCHA protection


  • Webhooks

  • SaaS mode

  • Actions & filters for custom extensions

  • Flexible stock control

  • Create you own seating plan

  • Design your own PDF e-tickets and invoices

  • Design email confirmations

  • Define input fields for selling e-tickets

  • Export orders and tickets for offline data analysis (Eg. Excel)

  • Flexible realtime scanning at multiple levels with mobile app.

  • Define e-ticket types (Optionally, you can add volume prices)

  • Sell to closed user groups

  • Integrated with Mollie as payment provider, providing a variety of payment methods

  • Define your own statuses for orders

  • Coupons

  • Authorize parts of the plugin admin pages to other users

Demo data


The plugin comes loaded with demo data to give you an instant view of the possibilities.

Give the FE Admin App and the Scan App a try, add Dashboard orders, …